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wifi card ax200 ax200ngw,9260 ac 9260ngw upgrade network card wi-fi 6 wifi module 2 x 2 mu-mimo wireless card with bt 5.0 support windows 10 64bit gigabit m.2/ngff
New release WiFi 6 AX200 is a IEEE 802.11AX WiFi Adapter for Laptop and Desktop Computers. It support Latest 802.11 ax WiFi protocol and backward compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Allow connected PCs get a speed at 2.4GH z 574Mbps and 5GHz 2.4G bps (160MHZ) under 802.11 ax. And 802.11 ac 2.4GH z 300Mbps, 5GHz 1730Mbps (160MHZ). Bluid in Bluetooth 5.0 will extend working range 4X than Bluetooth 4.2. System Reqiurements: Windows 10 64bit, Google Chrome OS, Linux, NOT for other systems. Warning: Make Sure Mother Board Have NGFF A/E Key for WiFi Adapter Only works on CPU/Processor, NOT for AMD Platform. Wi-Fi Speed May vary depends on user? s wireless network condition. Only For 4th Generation / 5th Generation / 7th Generation / 8th Generation Processor LENOVO/THINKPAD is only available on 6th generation / 7th generation processors. Computer or motherboard before 2018 can only use 9260AC or AX200 network card. Laptop use 9462ac can choose 9560AC as upgrade choice. Desktop computer with Socket protocol of NGFF Key E (M2: CNVio) CNVio choose 9560AC, other socket with NGFF Key or NFGG M2 Socket choose 9260AC or UPGRADE VERSION AX200. Z370 sererils motherboard B360 PLUS S ASRock B360M-HDV, J4205-itx, J3455-itx E480 E570 E580 E585 T480 T480s T570 T580
Siren, Inc
2pc bnc female jack to dual banana plug male 0.75" center spacing rf adapter
Black plastic, dual port Banana Jack Socket for easier recognition, no soldering. This Banana jack look nice and provide a solid contact.
Siren, Inc
antenna for intel 7260ngw,high speed antenna kit 2 x 6dbi rp-sma dual band 2.4ghz 5ghz + 2 xm.2(ngff) mhf4 cable antenna mod ki
antenna for intel 7260ngw,high speed antenna kit 2 x 6dbi rp-sma dual band 2.4ghz 5ghz + 2 xm.2(ngff) mhf4 cable antenna mod kit no soldering use for ngff wireless cards & m.2(ngff) 3g/4g cardsIPEX (IPX) MHF4 connector (20448-001r-081) is compatible to Murata HSC MXHP32 connector. It is the smallest mini RF connector in the world. Only 1.2mm low profile, MHF4 IPEX cable connectors and SMT connector provide good working performance in various application of Wireless LAN. Frequency Range: DC up to 6GHz (VSWR: 1.3 max. at 0.1~3GHz; VSWR: 1.4 max. at 3~6GHz) Characteristic Impedance: 50 ohm Temperature: -40 to +90 Rated Voltage: AC 60V Contact Resistance: 20m ohm max.(Signal) and 10m ohm max.(Ground) Withstand Voltage: AC 200V Insulation Resistance: 500M ohm Min./DC 100V Fit 8265NGW Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 802.11ac WIFI Board
Siren, Inc
Siren Network Card 7265AC,Laptop WiFi Card NGFF M.2 for Dell XPS Lenovo Helix T450 T450S T550 T550s W550 W550S New X1 Carbon Gen 3 X250 X250s G70-70 G70-80 Z70-80 E450 E550 E450c E550c Yoga 14
Wireless-AC 7265 7265NGW 7265AC 867Mbps 2X2 NGFF Pcie Bluetooth high speed Wlan Card
Siren, Inc
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