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Faire I Heart Guts 11 Inch Brain Plush | All You Need Is Lobe
Suggested Age: 3 Years and UpCPSC Choking Hazard Warnings: Choking_hazard_small_partsBattery: No Battery Used & bull; ALL YOU NEED IS LOBE: Share your brains with adorable plush organs by I Heart Guts! & bull; EDUCATIONAL: Brainy facts about the body’s boss included with smart hangtag, perfect for your smarty-pants. & bull; HUGGABLE DESIGN: Huggable brain pillow for your future doctor measures 11" wide x 9" tall x 5" thick. & bull; GREAT GIFT IDEA: I Heart Guts plush organs will put a smile on your face and smarts in your brain!Super soft high quality 11" x 9" x 5" plush toy brain comes with a fantastic booklet-style hangtag with loads of art, information about the boss of the body and silly trivia about your most neurotic organ. The brain is the boss of your body. As the body's command center, it keeps all the organs in check. Of course, it also takes care of memory, imagination, speech and dreams. Designed in California, made in China. Geek out on brain anatomy and physiology drawings included in our fabulous booklet hangtag included with each and every brain plush. Marvel at the amygdala (lizard brain!), study the hippocampus for long-term memory, and be amazed by the medulla oblongata, which manages unconscious autonomic functions such as heartbeat and breathing. I told you we were geeks. Learn other fascinating human body facts and get to know your brain better with this awesome and adorable anatomy toy. For example, did you know this brain loves brain teasers but hates brain freeze? Learn this and other gray matters in our extensive educational booklet hangtag. I Heart Guts award-winning happy organ plush toys make the perfect present for everything from a broken heart to a tummy ache. Whether you’re getting your feet wet in anatomy or want to bone up on your physiology, I Heart Guts Original Plush Organs will bring a smile to your face and smarts to your brain. I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. We have over 40 plush organs for you to love, hug or punch. Founded in 2005, our bare bones family operation strives to offer plush organs with love, style and brainy body facts.
Faire The Magical Tale of Halloween Dust Hardcover Book & Halloween Dust
Genre: Comics + Graphic NovelsFormat: Novelty BookAuthor: Patricia Cardello & bull; A HALLOWEEN TRADITION: Help your child discover what it means to be brave with magical Halloween Dust. & bull; WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each gift box includes one 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 inch hardcover book with one pouch of magical Halloween Dust. & bull; BOOK SPECS: Written by Patricia Cardello; 32 pagesJust thinking about Halloween can be a little scary sometimes. When the holiday actually occurs, and you're faced with ghosts and goblins and mysterious hands that aren't connected to arms, it can be much more than scary. This is the situation in which Poppy and Peter found themselves, when it was time to either face their fears or run from them. Perhaps some help from a small pouch filled with sparkly Halloween dust that might chase the goblins away, will make a difference. But is the dust really magic or are Poppy and Peter becoming braver just because...well, just because...?
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