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Salonpas Large Patch - 6ct
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpProduct Warning: Consult a doctor if you are pregnant or nursingProduct Form: PatchPackage Quantity: 6Battery: No Battery Used & bull;Provides relief for minor aches & pains & bull;Pain patches help muscle soreness & bull;Larger size is especially good for back, joint & shoulder pain & bull;Lasts up to 8 hoursSalonpas Pain Relieving Patch - Large provides up to 8 hours of relief for minor aches, pains and general muscle soreness. The larger size is especially good for back, joint, and shoulder pain. Salonpas is a leader in pain relief with a variety of sizes and applications available. Use only as directed.
Salonpas 20% Larger Pain Relieving Patch - 60ct
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpActive Ingredient Strength Value: .2 OuncesCapacity (Volume): 3 OuncesProduct Form: PatchPrimary Active Ingredient: Methyl SalicylatePackage Quantity: 60Battery: No Battery Used & bull; Temporarily Relieves Minor Aches & Pains of Muscles & Joints & bull; Easy To Apply Patch & bull; Improved With More Medicine than the Original Salonpas Patch. & bull;Up to 8 Hours of Relief Salonpas pain relieving patches provide relief for minor aches & pains. Pain patches help muscle soreness, sprains, back pain or backache, joint pain, & neck pain. Easily apply under clothing for up to 8 hours of relief. Is back pain holding you back? Does neck pain make it hard to focus? Is joint pain or muscle soreness stopping your favorite activities? Salonpas patches provide hours of pain relief. Why let pain stop you, when you can stop pain? Whether you suffer from shoulder pain, foot pain, sore muscles, back pain, neck pain, or knee pain, Salonpas has a pain relief product that will help you find temporary pain relief, with long lasting patches & spray. With pain relief patches, spray, cream, gel and liquid, Salonpas is here to help you get through your day with discreet, easy to use, topical pain relief for temporary relief of aches and pains. Salonpas pain relieving patches offer mild pain relief for up to 8 hrs.
Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel Patch - 6ct
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpCapacity (Volume): 1.6 OuncesProduct Form: PatchSafety and Security Features: Child-Resistant PackagingPackage Quantity: 6Battery: No Battery Used & bull; Maximum strength without a prescription & bull; Desensitize aggravated nerves & bull; Numbing Relief & bull; UnscentedIntroducing Salonpas Lidocaine. As a leader in pain patch technology, Salonpas has engineered this patch to be as close as possible to the prescription Lidocaine patch. We use the same hydrogel technology, same patch size and shape. We use the same type of individual, child resistant pouches and use the maximum concentration of Lidocaine you can get without a prescription.If you are looking for a different type of pain relief, try Salonpas Lidocaine. It’s fast acting, long lasting, numbing pain relief in an unscented patch.Try a Salonpas Lidocaine patch today to manage your pain, you’ll be glad you did.
Salonpas Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Liquid Roll-on - 3 fl oz
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpProduct Form: LiquidPackage Quantity: 1Battery: No Battery Used & bull; Maximum strength Lidocaine available without a prescription & bull; Plus Benzyl Alcohol to numb nerves fast & bull; Unscented & bull; Densensitive Aggravated Nerves & bull; No-mess ApplicatorIntroducing Salonpas LIDOCAINE PLUS Pain Relieving Liquid. It's one of our newest innovations from the world's leader in medicinal pain patches. Salonpas LIDOCAINE PLUS Pain Relieving Liquid provides temporary relief of pain associated with back, neck, shoulders, knees, and elbows with a combination of Benzyl Alcohol and Maximum Strength Lidocaine*. Benzyl Alcohol is fast acting while Lidocaine is long lasting. That's two powerful medicines in a convenient, no-mess applicator to provide cartneared relief. Available without a prescription. Ideal for: back, neck, shoulders, knees, elbows. Up to 30 applications in every box. Reapply after 8 hours. No-mess applicator. Roller ball keeps hands clean. Numbing relief. Unscented. Fast-absorbing liquid to desensitize aggravated nerves. Non-greasy formula. 4% lidocaine maximum strength + 10% benzyl alcohol.
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