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Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote & Keyboard
Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote & Keyboard Rveal Streaming Media Player & Android Smart TV Box with Upgraded Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote & Keyboard Packed with features and designed to fit perfectly into your hands, the Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote combines functionality and comfort into one. It's small, sleek and versatile. Like a mouse on a computer, the touchpad makes it easy to move around the screen and explore the many different things you can do on the Rveal Streaming Media Player. This remote also comes with a standard keyboard which makes it convenient to type and search for your favorites, movies, games and much more. Get the ultimate control of your TV. As an all-in-one remote, you're not limited in any way. Not by wires, not by batteries, not by darkness. It connects to your device wirelessly and works up to 45 feet away so you can enjoy from anywhere in the room. If the battery is running low, just quickly recharge it and you're good to go for another 180 hours of continuous use - day or night. With a backlight on the keyboard, you'll be able to see what you're doing and the buttons you're clicking when it’s dark. Regardless of location, distance or time of day, you're always in control. Having full compatibility, the Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote instantly connects to your devices and provides an experience like never before. Start streaming with the ease and control you want.
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