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Revive CLEANERFLRMNTNR2.5L2/C 92974618
Unique patented cleaner/maintainer formulated to clean floors and enhance gloss. Multiple dilution rates ( 1:256, 1:512 ). 84.5 oz. J-Fill bottle; two bottles per carton. Contains such active ingredients as diethylene glycol monoethyl ether and alcohol ethoxylates. With citrus scent. pH level: 8.7 (concentrate), 7.5 (use dilution 1:128 ). Dilution ratio: 1:512 for daily cleaning, 1:256 for maintaining. Enhances floor appearance and "pops" the gloss when burnished with 1500-2000+ rpm propane, battery, or electric burnishers. Maintains gloss with unique formula designed to repair microscopic scratches. Use for daily cleaning. 2-year shelf life.
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