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project pre box s2 digital black
The new Pre Box S2 Digital compact preamplifier/DAC with MQA and DSD512 support marks a new era for Pro-Ject's renowned S-series components. For the very first time ever, Pro-Ject is using a dual mono configuration with flagship D/A converters made by ESS Sabre. The cutting-edge ESS9038 dual DAC ensures the highest quality audio performance in a small and affordable package. This DAC is capable of high resolution audio up to an impressive 32-bit, 768 kHz PCM and DSD512! Pre Box S2 Digital is also the very first Pro-Ject device to support hardware MQA decoding. It's also the premiere of the company's proprietary Optimum transient digital filter and its proprietary clock circuitry design. Pro-Ject is using a 16-core XMOS chip for asynchronous USB data transfer and full MQA hardware unfolding. The DAC directly controls the XMOS chip. A four layered, gold plated PCB with extra shielding is used to achieve optimal audio performance. Digital audio is all about the art of time, and with Pro-Ject's new proprietary clock design, the Pre Box S2 Digital manages jitter rates of unrivalled 100 Femtoseconds, which easily outperforms many renowned and respected audiophile clock generators. Pre Box S2 Digital provides up to 24-bit, 192 kHz decoding via its optical and coax inputs and up to 32-bit, 768 kHz via USB. Pro-Ject is using dual DAC 2 x ESS9038Q2M, the newest generation of SABRE Digital to Analog Converter. The ES9038 SABRE DAC is a high-performance 32-bit digital to analog converter and uses ESS's patented 32-bit Hyperstream II modulator architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. It is the first SABRE DAC to use new Dual-DAC architecture to further enhance performance. The ESS9602 is used for the headphone amplifier and output buffer. It supports a dynamic range of up to 122dB and THD+N of -117dB with 600ohm loads. We offer a 30 day return period for any reason! UPC NO: 9120065186400 SKU: ADIB073WD644G
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
project rpm3 carbon white
RM 3 Carbon utilises evolutionary enhancements to improve the performance of RPM series: A low resonance chassis holds an inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. A 10" S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fibre, aluminium and resin. Using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strenghtened, internal damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. Additional features are a magnetic antiskating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price and ultra-stylish look!UPC NO:9120050431089 SKU:ADIB00ZDMI18I
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Damp it High-End Damping Feet (Black) - Set of 4
Made from hightech TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) Prevents transmission of mechanical vibration Optimised to absorb frequencies from 20-500 Hz Especially for bookshelf speakers, Disc players, turntables, tube amplifiers and more Extremely cost-effective sound upgrade! Effectively prevents transmission of unwanted vibration in a cost-effective way! Audio components can be sensitive to mechanical vibration, which limits their high fidelity performance. To keep vibration from your valuable equipment, Damp it feet are a perfect solution with maximum effect at the lowest possible price. Designed to be placed underneath bookshelf speakers or the oiriginal feet of sensitive equipment like turntables, all disc players, tube amplifiers and other components. Damp it prevents transmission of vibration when positioned on vibrating surfaces like glass, metal or thin wood panels. When Damp it is used for both bookshelf speakers and turntable, you can play up to 30% louder without the risk of acoustical feedback. Surfaces typically are excited by speakers, subwoofers or simply by low fre-quency emission caused by road traffic and transformers. Speaker cabinets and almost all feet of audio devices, like turntables, amplifiers, disc players are not designed to isolate sufficiently from frequency ranges, that really matter. Damp it consists of hightech synthetic rubber material, that dampens a wide frequency range from infrasonic to 500 Hz and therefore prevents transmission of structure-born sound effectively. It works like an electronic subsonic filter, but without having their assets and drawbacks. Because of its intelligent and rugged design, it can be used for all bookshelf speakers and any sensitive equipment with 3 or 4 feet and even with high mass units up to 20 kg! PLEASE NOTE: For maximum effect, Damp it should be used in direct contact to speakers, original feet of devices and utility space with no other materials in between. Damp it may interact with some materials or loose colour to surfaces that have direct contact. Pro-Ject Audio Systems is not liable for any damage or stains, that are caused by usage of Damp it.
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
project tube box ds2 silver
This precision tube phono preamplifier benefits from outstanding circuit technology from Dr. Sykora and uses ultimate components. Compatible with both MM and MC cartridges. It offers connection for two turntables plus two selectable line outputs and a continuously variable selection of input impedance for low output MC cartridges while playing a record! Other features include input capacitance for MM cartridges and switchable subsonic, that prevents your amplifier and speakers of ultra low rumble below 20Hz. All components including tube output and polypropylene capacitors are audiophile-grade and guarantee a breathtaking sound experience. A perfect upgrade for ambitious vinyl loversUPC NO:9120071651732 SKU:ADIB01M15A0T7
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
project strobe it project strobe it
Assess Your Turntable Speed Want to know if your turntable is spinning at the proper speed? The Strobe It has you covered! What's in the Box: Strobe It - Turntable Speed Adjustment Tool Specifications Tests 33 1/3 RPM 45 RPM and 78 RPM speeds Works on 50Hz and 60HzUPC NO:844682005478 SKU:ADIB003813TWO
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Good sound from sound technology! The Phono Box MM Pre-Amplifier features a metal case that shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference. Optimal channel separation is achieved through dual-mono circuitry and the RCA connectors are gold plated to maintain signal quality. Features: * Gold plated RCA connection sockets * DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power) * Amplification and RIAA equalization for MM cartridges * Small size allows installation close to record player Specifications: * Input Impedance: 47kohms/100pF * Gain: 32dB * Output Voltage: 200mV/1kHz at 5mV/1kHz * Noise Floor: 82dB (88dB - A weighted) * THD: < 0.05 % * ARIA-Equalisation Curve Accuracy: 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0.5 dB * Outboard Power Supply: 16V/200mA AC * Power Consumption: 16V/40mA AC * Dimension (W x H x D): 10.5 x 3 x 7.5 cm * Weight: 280g Package Contents: * Pro-Ject Phono Box MM (DC) Pre-Amplifier
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
project: leather it platter mat black
Pro-Ject's Leather It record mat is an upgrade to standard felt mats and improve the sound of your favorite records by dampening resonance and lowering overall noise and static.UPC NO:9120007689457 SKU:ADIB004TUX1C6
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Measure it II Digital Tracking Force Gauge
4 digit LCD-Display with backlight Capacity 0 - 5g Variance ±0,002g Auto calibration function Auto off after 120 seconds Replacement batteries supplied
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
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