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Pimoroni Four Letter pHAT
Key Features: Four 14-segment displays with green LEDs HT16K33 driver chip Four Letter pHAT pinout Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models Four Letter pHAT has four 14-segment displays that you can use to display text, numbers, and a host of other characters. Its LEDs are a beautiful retro green, just like you old digital alarm clock. They & apos; re driven by the HT16K33 chip over I2C. It & apos; s perfect as a readout for your projects, displaying temperatures, times, etc. and becomes really useful when combined with some of our other boards like Enviro pHAT or Explorer pHAT to display their sensor values. Item Specifics Soldering required
Pimoroni Particulate Matter Sensor Breakout (for PMS5003)
Key Features: Converter for the picoblade connector and a standard male 2.54 pitch header Connect your PMS5003 particulate matter sensor straight to your Pi Convenient little breakout board for compatible with Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers A handy-dandy breakout that converts between the picoblade connector cable on the PMS5003 particulate matter sensor and a standard male 2.54 mm pitch header. Use this breakout to connect a PMS5003 particulate matter sensor straight to your Raspberry Pi (or other microcontroller) with some female-to-female jumper jerky, using our PMS5003 Python library to read data from the sensor. Item Specifics Size: 17.7 x 17.75 mm
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