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premium right angle 3 ghz f adapter adapter high frequency commercial grade 90 degree rg6 audio video coaxial connector male to female component rf digital signal tv adapter
UPC NO:685450424103 SKU:ADIB00VX2S6N2
Pico Macom
parts express inline coax cable tv signal attenuator 6 db
Male to female attenuator for reduction of cable signal. Helps reduce shadows of ultra-strong signals. Bandwidth: DC-1000 MHz. UPC NO: 844632040474 SKU: ADIB0002ZPIT6
Pico Macom
High Frequency Splitter 2-Way 1 Port Passive
These splitters are used for satellite and other high frequency applications. They offer a bandwidth of 900-2,050 MHz and low through loss. Sealed in a rugged diecast case. Input and outputs via "F" connectors.UPC:844632040283SKU:ADIB0002ZPIVE
Pico Macom
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