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Quirky Cordies Desktop Cord Clips and Anchor for Accessory Cables
This cable-tidy gadget can fit multiple leads through the loops and slots, staying ultra compact and small enough for even the most economic work space to stay clutter-free. It is a space-efficient cable organiser that has five rubber grips with four slots, each of which can hold several cables. Tight grip keeps smaller cables like USB and headphone cords in line. ? Cordies keeps unruly cables and wires organized and weighted down on your desk, preventing disconnection from your precious digital life ? Cordies weighted base keeps your cords and cables from sliding off the edge your desk when they are unplugged ? This compact and helpful contraption includes five rubber grips with four slots, taking care of all those loose ends. ? Cordies' tight grip won't let anything slip. It even keeps smaller cables, USB cords, and earbuds in line
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