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peplink 1u rack ear mount set for peplink balance 20/30/50 & max hd2 acw722
1U rack ear mount. Compatible with Peplink Balance 20, Balance 30, and Balance 50; Pepwave MAX 700, HD2, and MAX BR1 Pro. UPC NO: '799471113875 and SKU: ADIB01B7Z8KV2
Peplink Balance 20 Dual-WAN Router
Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router | Break Internet Bandwidth Limits Easily add Internet links to increase bandwidth. Each Peplink Balance includes 7 advanced load balancing algorithms. Network traffic is distributed to different Internet links to achieve an overall increase of network speed. Simply add low-cost Internet links such as DSL, Cable to your existing network, loading websites will be much faster. Everyone in the network will benefit! Using outbound traffic manager, you can setup rules to route high volume traffic to your faster Internet Links and optimize speed. Get 100% Internet Uptime Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers can combine up to 13 Internet connections, allowing you to subscribe to multiple Internet providers for maximum efficiency. Just add your Internet connections and automatic health check will monitor the Internet links status and reroute traffic in case of a link failure. Save Money Instantly! Start saving by cutting your T1 line and other expensive Internet connections. The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router switches you to an optimal combination of regular Internet connections such as ADSL and Cable Internet. Your investment will pay for itself. This simple change will dramatically reduce your Internet expenses and increase performance *Specifications are subject to change and vary according to model. UPC: 012304672760 SKU: ADIB0042210U6
Peplink Balance 30 with Embedded LTE Advanced Modem
The Peplink Balance 30 allows you to load balance between two wired WAN connections and one embedded LTE Advanced modem for increasing internet bandwidth, reliability, uptime, and to reduce the cost of having expensive leased lines. It also supports a variety of 3G and 4G mobile broadband USB modems. The user-friendly Web Admin and Reporting Service help you to manage your network easily and intuitively. With a complete and secured VPN solution and a built-in DNS server, the Peplink Balance is a great networking router for a variety of users! UPC: 611553255436 SKU: ADIB06XT23KSX
Peplink APO-RUG Pep Wave One Rugged Access Point
Technical specifications: - Network - bridge mode - router (Nat) mode - wireless distribution system (WDS) - support for PPPOE, static IP, DHCP - management VLAN (802.1p) - spanning tree protocol (802.1d) - radio - multiple SSID - auto channel selection - transmit power adjustment - neighbor AP detection - AP security - open, WEP - 802.1x with dynamic WEP - WPA-PSK/radius - wpa2-psk/radius - client management - per SID - VLAN with QOS (802.1p/802.1q) - bandwidth control - mac address filtering - layer 2 client isolation - limit on max. Number of client - per client - VLAN with radius - VLAN with VLAN pool - bandwidth control - multicast filter - igmp snooping/multicast enhancement - complete vpn solution - pepvpn - site-to-site vpn - 256-bit aes encryption - pre-shared key authentication - dynamic routing - pptp vpn server - radius, ldap authentication - IPsec vpn (network-to-network) - IPsec vpn supports connection with cisco, juniper, pep wave, or Peplink devices. - Captive portal - by in control - by Peplink ap controller - device management - web administrative interface - in control cloud management - Peplink ap controller - snmp v1, v2c and v3 - package contents - ap one 300m - 12v power supply - 2 x 5dbi antenna - certifications - fcc, ce, rohs.UPC:799471113561SKU:ADIB01GXP2J8G
Peplink APOENT Pep Wave AP One Enterprise Access Point
General: Ethernet Port 2 x GE. Wi-Fi Standard802.11ac/a/b/g/n. 3 x 3 MIMO. 2.4GHz/450mbps, 5.0GHz/1300Mbps. Simultaneous 2.4/5.0 GHz: YES. Wi-Fi transmit power. 2.4GHz: 24dBm / 17dBm (CE) 5GHz: 23dBm.UPC:799471113523SKU:ADIB0143JRV96
Peplink PEP-BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM Balance 20X Modem
>Bandwidth Monitor (great for mobile broadband users with a monthly data allowance!) >PPTP VPN server >QoS >Link controller >3G/4G modem support >Embedded Cat 4 LTE modem >Support for one additional FlexModule Mini modem (sold separately) >Speedfusion Hot Failover >Ethernet ports: 4 GbE LAN + 1 GE WAN
Peplink Balance One Gigabit Dual-WAN Router with Dual-Band 11n Wi-Fi
The Balance One gigabit router with dual-WAN load balancing delivers big-business uptime and speed in an affordable package designed just for SMBs, branch offices, and power users. Featuring simultaneous dual-band 802.11 n Wi-Fi, eight GbE LAN ports, and exclusives like our built-in AP Controller, captive portals, and InControl 2 cloud management, it’s the one router you need for enterprise-grade networking in smaller environments
Peplink Balance ONE Advanced Dual-WAN Wi-Fi Router for Branch Networking - BPL-ONE
Peplink Balance One Is Advanced Dual-WAN Router for Branch Networking. Dependable connections with balancing and automatic failover between links. Connect remote clients to your private network using L2TP with IPsec, monitor Bandwidth Usage, allocate bandwidth on application, and more. Balance One gives you two independent networks that also work together, so all your devices can connect without clashing. Recommended Concurrent Users Per Radio is 60.
Peplink Balance 20X Router with PrimeCare - 1x GE WAN ports, 4x GE LAN ports and 1x LTE modem (CAT-4)
Balance 20X, 1x GE WAN ports, 4x GE LAN ports and 1x LTE modem (CAT-4) LTE Bands: B12, B14, B4, B2, B5, B13, B66, B71 3G Bands: B2, B4, B5 2 PepVPN Peers are enabled by default. Can be increased to 5 Peers using license PVN-LC-05 Wave2 WiFi with up to 60 users. 900 Mbps Throughput Peplink Part # BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM
Balance Two- Advanced Dual-WAN Router
- 1Gbps Throughput - USB 4G/3G Modem Support - Support for PPPoE Static IP DHCP - WAN Link Health Check - DHCP Server for LAN Clients - DNS Proxy for LAN Clients - Per-Port VLAN - Stateful Firewall - DoS Prevention - AP Controller Support - PepVPN/SpeedFusion - PPTP VPN Server - RADIUS LDAP Authentication - IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network) - Per-Service Load Distribution - NAT and IP Forwarding - Many to One One to One NAT - SIP ALG H. 323 ALG UPnP NAT-PMP WINS Server - Advanced QoS - Support for Wired and Wireless LAN Clients - Support RADIUS Authentication - Device Management
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