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Monster Mounts Large Tilt TV Wall Mount Kit for 42-75"
Up the stakes and change how you feel about entertainment. Throw out the standard and boring plastic stands and break the mold by installing a Monster MT644S Tilt Mount Kit. The MT644S is an ultra-low-profile tilt mount kit that can support most screens 42”-75” in size and weighing up to 75lbs. Unique universal mounting brackets come standard to give a wide range of compatibility with various television brands. For guaranteed compatibility cross compare your VESA pattern with the one found here. If these two numbers match or if your VESA pattern falls between them, you are ready to rock. Many features await within the MT644S Tilt Mount Kit. From a fully assembled, open back wall plate that allows for easy cable management, to a quick release device that allow you to remove your screen in an instant. An audible locking mechanism means you know that your screen is always locked into place and secure. This kit also comes complete with a DVD Shelf, HDMI Cable, Screen Cleaner and Cloth to give a boost to your installation process. Quality steel with a black matte finish and a slim 0.8” profile gives a clean modern feeling. This allows you to enjoy your television the way it was meant to be, with total emersion that keeps the hardware hidden and gives you a viewing experience fit for your home. The MT644S is made for a higher viewing angle or for a space where screen angle adjustment is necessary. The MT644S features a vertical tilt range that allows for angles between -8° and 0°, making the perfect view for your home a reality. If your home has a fixed viewing angle or multiple viewing areas, consider a flat or full motion mount instead. Our products are stress and pressure tested with four times their recommended weight limits, guaranteeing that our mounts will never bend or snap under pressure. Included in the box is an easy to understand user manual with images that demonstrate every step needed. There are also multiple screw sizes included to ensure compatibility with as many TV brands as possible.
Monster Mounts, Mava 5001S Katana 50 Ultra Thin Amplified Indoor Full HD
The Monster Mounts Katana 50 Ultraslim Flat Amplified Antenna features CleanSignal technology that has been tested and improved countless times to ensure maximization of your HDTV experience and minimization of cost and frustration. Not only are all antennas created differently, but so are their cables. Monster uses only premium 11 ft. coaxial cables, featuring easy-twist connectors to ensure a reliable signal reception. />
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