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HDMI Splitter Keliiyo 4K hdmi splitter 4-port HDMI Video Splitter with AC Adaptor Duplicate/Mirror Screen Monitor Supports Ultra HD 1080P 2K x4K@30Hz and 3D Resolutions (1 In 4 Out)
How to use 1. Connect the HDMI input source into the HDMI Splitter Box Input port. (HDMI Input cable). 2. Connect the HDMI output enquipments into the HDMI Splitter Box output ports. (HDMI Output cables ). 3. Insert the DC side of 5V power supply into HDMI Splitter Box and then connect the AC side of the power supply into the wall outlet. Attention: Insert / Extract cables gently. Warm Tips *1x4 hdmi splitter with 1 input port and 4 output ports, can distribute/duplicate one signal source to 4 hdmi displays or 4 separate HDTVs simultaneously without any loss in quality.( Note: NOT 4 input 1 ouput switcher, can't switch 4 signal source to one display). *Keliiyo splitter equalizes the input signal in order to perform at maximum spec without signal loss for longer runs. It means that if you are running multiple displays with different resolutions, the splitter will transfer the lowest "common" resolution to all displays.
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