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Jobu Design QRR138 Ballhead Threaded Replacement Clamp
The Jobu Design QRR-138 is an Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Clamp suitable for replacing the old square, rectangular, trapezoidal or otherwise proprietary clamp on your ballhead. This Clamp is 50mm (2") wide and features one (1) standard countersunk hole that will work with either a 1/4"-20 Flathead bolt or a 6mm Flathead bolt. The QRR-138 features a 3/8 Tapped hole for installing into studded ballheads. The bottom of the clamp is slotted 0.260" wide by 0.790" long ( 6.5 x 20mm)
Jobu Design
Jobu Design Hockey Puck, 75g (3oz) Counterweight #JP-75G
The Jobu Design Hockey Puck, 75 g (3 oz) Counterweight is a small, stackable counterweight suitable for quick fixes of tricky-to-balance setups of lenses and cameras. It features primarily to be used when an ultralight camera is paired with a heavy lens. For example, the Canon 7D is very popular for nature photographers due to it's 1.6 x conversion factor, but it does not balance well with the 500F4 mk I lens (when used without a battery grip and a replacement foot). The typical solution is to add a flash, tele-extenders or use a much longer lens-plate.
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