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Chemtronics Duster, Economical, 10oz ES1015
Aerosol Economical Duster, 10 Ounces, Big Blast
ITW Chemtronics
Chemtronics Degreaser, 15 oz. Aerosol Can, Unscented Liquid, Ready to Use, 1 EA
Chemtronics™ MaX-KleeN™ citrus degreaser is ideal for the removal of all types of soils including oxidized grease, sludge, wax, tar, and oil. Low surface tension provides superior wetting to clean in even the tightest spots. Safe for use on most metals and plastics. Use this nonsolvent degreaser for all repair, maintenance, and manufacturing applications. Degreaser, 15 oz., Aerosol Can
ITW Chemtronics
CircuitWorks® The Mighty Pen® Universal Cleaning Pen
The Mighty Pen™ is ideal for precise removal of label adhesives, marker and ink stains, and conformal coating from printed circuit boards. The unique marker tip dispenser provides controlled and exact application. This universal cleaning pen allows for quick, convenient, and precise spot removal of stubborn soils. Fast drying and safe on most plastics.Mild citrus aromaSize: 11g
ITW Chemtronics
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