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IP Power 9258T-Ping 4-Outlet Remote Network AC Power Controller w/ Ping Reboot
With the remote network control technology that this IP Power 9258T features, the user can control the power supply of any connected equipment including servers, routers, lights, and network equipment! Its power reboot by ping function automatically reboots any controlled devices if they stop responding to pings! Each four independent AC outlets can be switched on, off or booted (off/delay/on)! The IP 9258T Network AC Power Controller also features 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and a serial port! In addition, this IP Power 9258T allows you to control directly or use a timed schedule which is not only convenient, but it also saves big on the manpower and time! Network Server reboot: remote control power & reboot PC/Server at remote site Power reboot by Ping - automatically reboots controlled devices if they stop responding to pings Network AC Power Control: control high power switch on/off via Internet/Ethernet for 110V/220v products
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