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insassy (tm) dual led charging dock for ps4 controllers
InSassy Dual LED Charging Dock Recharge while you play or when your XBOX is in standby with InSassy Dual LED Charging Dock. Compatible with Playstation PS3. Features: Console Compatibility: PlayStation PS4 Weight: 10oz Cord Configuration: USA Standard Charge Time: 2 hours for one controller, 4 hours for two controllers LED Status: Blue-Charging; Green-Completed Output: 200-600mAh; DC 5V Your Purchase: QTY 1 of InSassy Charger Station, QTY 1 of USB Cable
InSassy (TM) AC Adapter Power Supply Cord for Xbox One - AC 100-240V 4.91A 50-60Hz
InSassy ™ XBox One AC Adapter Replacement The InSassy ™ XBox One AC Adapter is ideal for replacing any lost or broken AC power adapter for your XBox One consoles. This AC Adapter has a LED indicator light to display the power status of the Xbox One system, and its auto voltage feature allows the adapter to be used worldwide unlike the original adapter that came with the system. Compatible with Microsoft Xbox One ONLY. Features: Console Compatiblity: Microsoft XBox One Weight: 2lb Cord Configuration: USA Standard Cord Length: 9 ft Region: Worldwide – Auto Voltage LED Status: Green: Power On, Orange: Stand-by Input: AC 100-240V 4.91A 50-60Hz Output: DC 220W 12v- 17.9A 5Vsb- 1.0A Your Purchase: QTY 1 of InSassy ™ XBox One AC Adapter Replacement with US Power Cord
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