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HW Pad-Saver for Alto Sax
Designed to be left in the instrument while not being played.Draws and dissipates moisture from the bore, tone holes, and pads.Extends the life of padsMade from the highest quality natural and micro-fiber materials.
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hw products t10hd 10in. double tambourine
7 double cymbals. Good for all percussion needs. Economy tambourine.UPC NO:717070010142 SKU:ADIB001L8IK48
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HW Products USOP H. W. Soprano Saxophone Pad Saver
HW Products USOP H. W. Soprano Saxophone Pad Saver condition: New Brand: HW ProductsMPN: USOPCode : 790-803551000173045
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H.W. Pad Saver Bell Brush For Tenor Sax
Designed to be left in the instrument, the bell brush draws out and dissipates the corrosive moisture that can collect in the tone holes, pads and bore. The exclusive, flexible design easily conforms to the curve of the sax bell, which tends to be the dirtiest part of the horn.
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universal mouthpiece saver
This small product does a great big job by removing damaging moisture and minerals from the inside of your mouthpiece. Simply insert it in the mouthpiece bore when you're done playing and it goes to work. This swab helps eliminate mineral build up in your mouthpiece and keeps it playing consistently.UPC NO:792940000195 SKU:ADIB0007XJWJK
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