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Gorinto Game
Suggested Age: 14 Years and UpType of Game: Classic GamesPlaying Time: 30-60 MinutesIncludes: Instructions, Game Board, Scoring Track, Game Pieces, 1 FigureCPSC Choking Hazard Warnings: Choking_hazard_small_partsNumber of Players: 1-5 PlayersPackage type: Full GameMaterial: Paperboard, Paper, PlasticBattery: No Battery Used & bull;Abstract strategy game & bull;1 to 5 players & bull;Plays differently at every player count: solo play, standard play, partnership play & bull;Different goals in every game make for varied tactics each gameElements gather energy in unique patterns, challenging you with finding the ideal route to balance and harmony. Earth digs deep, Water flows wide, Fire rises high, Wind blows freely, and Void slips between the rest. Can you gain the understanding you need to uncover true elemental wisdom? A Gorinto is a type of Japanese pagoda of the five elements: earth (cube), water (sphere), fire (pyramid), air (crescent), and void (lotus). It often housed the relic of a Buddha or saint, and together represent the realm of perfect understanding. In Gorinto, players take turns selecting element tiles from the Path (perimeter) and moving them onto the Mountain (game board). Each element collects in a unique pattern. The elements collected each turn will allow you to collect more elements over the turns and rounds. Points are scored at the end of each round based on goals selected at the start of the game, as well as the elements chosen at the end of the game. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Will you achieve perfect understanding?
Grand Gamers Guild
Chiseled A Deck Sculpting Card Game
Suggested Age: 14 Years and UpType of Game: Strategy and War GamesIncludes: Instructions, CardsNumber of Players: 1-4 PlayersPackage type: Full Game & bull;1-4 Players, Ages 14+, 30-minute play time & bull;Remove and accentuate sculpture cards to reveal the art within your deck & bull;Over a dozen unique Tools to manipulate your deck or interfere with opponents & bull;Featuring solo challenge modes to sculpt alone Three critics... One set of tools... No excuses! Chiseled is a competitive deck-sculpting game about sculpting marble. Play as artists in a shared studio, working to complete your sculptures by the time any player has checked in with the three Critics enough times to get rated. Selecting one Tool at a time from the shared workbench, remove and accentuate cards from your starting deck of cards to improve its artistic value, and please the critics for bonuses. Each Tool offers a unique method of interacting with the marble, but they'll only become available again once all the Tools have been used!
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The Artemis Project Game
Suggested Age: 13 Years and UpType of Game: Strategy and War GamesPlaying Time: 1-2 HoursIncludes: Instructions, Scoring Chips, Game Board, Boards, Tokens, Markers, Tiles, Dice, CardsCPSC Choking Hazard Warnings: Choking_hazard_small_partsNumber of Players: 1-5 PlayersPackage type: Full GameMaterial: Paperboard, Paper, Wood, Cardstock Paper, PlasticBattery: No Battery Used & bull;Mechanics: Dice (dis)placement, engine building, resource management & bull;Playtime: 60-75 minutes & bull;Age: 13+ & bull;Players: 1-5Europa, Jupiter's moon. Deep beneath the crust, the oceans are teeming with alien sea life. Shellfish, plants, corals, arthropods, even strange fish and larger sea creatures populate a wide-ranging interconnected web of hidden seas. Volcanism is rampant, warming the mineral-rich waters and creating excellent conditions for energy-harvesting. The largest cavern close to the surface is known as The Pocket. This is where the initial teams of Stabilizers built their first outposts, with the intent to establish long-term communities capable of surviving indefinitely. Aqua-farming is well established; food and other sundries are efficiently gathered. The Pocket has many deposits of minerals and crystals that can be mined and processed to create strong and versatile construction materials locally. Colonists arrive at the Doorstep at regular intervals when the Threshold is opened. The arrivals are of four general types: Pioneers (who are tasked with exploring the changing surface of the moon and the labyrinth of seas beneath), Engineers (who develop and operate the machinery and structures needed to run the colonies), Marines (who defend the colonies from hostile sea life, unwanted intruders, and other colonies), and Stewards (overseers responsible for strategy and negotiation). Colony development mostly occurs beneath the ice; this is where all of the moon's resources are concentrated, so this is where the effort is best spent. To keep close to the surface, most colony structures are built clinging onto the underside of the ice crust. Surface structures will be built only once an undersea outpost is well established and beginning to thrive. In addition to construction and resource-gathering, colonies spend a lot of effort on exploring this new environment. The volcanic action and mineral-heavy waters make long-range scanning unreliable, so physical exploration is required to plumb the depths. As the Pocket is explored and expanded, the established colonies have been making some unusual discoveries beneath the ice. Deep in the trenches, artifacts of non-human origin are starting to be found. The dark seas hide many secrets. Squads of mercenaries occasionally appear on the surface and beneath the sea, penetrating the Threshold somehow to carry out an unknown mission on the moon. These aspects are worrisome but can't distract the colonies from their main goals. It is still early in the Artemis project. A foothold on life here has been gained, but it will take tenacious effort from the competing colonies to reach the point where Europa is truly viable as a home. The Artemis Project is a dice (dis)placement and engine building game that has you fighting the planet as well as the other players. Roll your dice and place them tactically to thwart the other colonists. Harvest energy and minerals. Bid for buildings. Work together to go on Expeditions to earn rewards. Train workers. Will your efforts be enough to survive?
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Shikoku Game
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpType of Game: Strategy and War GamesPlaying Time: 30-40 MinutesIncludes: Instructions, Game Board, Game Pieces, CardsCPSC Choking Hazard Warnings: Choking_hazard_small_partsNumber of Players: 3-8 PlayersPackage type: Full GameMaterial: Paperboard, Paper, Wood, Cardstock PaperBattery: No Battery Used & bull;Mechanics: Racing, hand management & bull;Playtime: 30-40 minutes & bull;Age: 10+ & bull;Players: 3-8Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan and famous for its 88 Buddhist temples pilgrimage. It is said people have a year of misfortune and woes — at the age of 42 for men and 33 for women — so to be cured and avoid bad luck, pilgrims of those ages attend the temple 23 called Yakuōji and place of the Buddha of healing, Yakushi Nyorai. In every step, pilgrims leave a coin while singing the Yakushi mantra, which favors them with spiritual healing and prevents misfortune.In Shikoku, players play the role of pilgrims who are going up the 33 steps while singing mantras until they reach the pagoda. However, the "Middle Path" seeks moderation, not the extremes: To be the first one, or the last, is not welcome! The winners will be those who are second or next to last on the steps when a player reaches the top.
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