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Glowtronics 12 in. Blank Cork Slipmat
This slipmat is ideal for high-end audiophile vinyl listening, since the dense, firm cork material absorbs vibration well. Glowtronics uses on the best quality cork for this slipmat, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality from high-end turntables. Whether you prefer to listen to classic jazz or classic rock, this slipmat will help you have a pure listening experience free of vibration. Unlike its felt DJ slipmats, Glowtronics left the underside of this cork slipmat free of any glazing, since it is not intended for DJing. Not only will this slipmat grip your platter better than felt, it will also grip your vinyl better. An added benefit of the Glowtronics plain cork slipmat is its ability to reduce dust accumulation and static electricity on your vinyl.
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