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solar battery agm 55ah 12v dc
Fullriver Battery specializes in the manufacture of AGM batteries. Controlling the entire process from grid casting to final assembly, quality is assured with a 5-year Solar PV Application Warranty, subject to terms and conditions. Deep Cycle batteries by Fullriver are designed to be discharged and recharged hundreds of times. They are built differently than car batteries. A VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid battery) is a sealed lead acid rechargable battery. They do not require water or any maintenance during their lifetime. VRLA batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat battery) and Gel (gel cel) batteries. Fullriver deep cell batteries are used to store electricity and provide power for solar, wind turbines, boats, RVs and electric golf carts. * FULLY RECYCLABLE AND SAFE TO TRANSPORT. Certifications include UL, ISO9001, JIS, CE, TUV. Safe for air, sea and ground transportation. Approvals DOT, IATA, IMDG, ICAO.
Fullriver Battery
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