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FLSUN Q5 Delta 3D Printer F200*200mm Printing Size with Full Color Touchscreen Lattice Glass Platform Support Auto Leveling Resume Printing TMC2208 Silent Driver with 10m PLA Sample Filament
Description: Description: FLSUN has been focusing on developing high quality, high performance 3D printers. We have 5 years of manufacturing experience, The delta 3d printers we developed are very popular among users.,the user's favorable rate keeps Amazon's Choice all the year round . Useful for consumers and schools, easy to set up and use, doesn't require much maintenance, and has reasonably good print quality. Can meet designers and other professionals who want outstanding print quality, etc. FLSUN Q5 Delta 3D Printer meet you all the needs. Handsome yet reliable machine!! Features Lattice platform Excellent adhesion, easy removal and durable. Can be heated up to 110? TFT Touch Screen TFT Touch Screen: Full color, multi-language user friendly UI. Auto-leveling model Auto-leveling system: Auto Calibration: The delta design style continuously self-calibrates, so you will never have to struggle with bed leveling. Resume Printing Power Breaking Point Function: A break point can be saved and the printing can be continued later. If power outage is occurred during the printing process, the printer will automatically save the break point. Intelligent! Titan Extruder High Quality Extruder: Titan Extruder Stable and durable
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