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Flight Designer Series DUT34 CEQ MAH/MAH Tenor Electro-Acoustic Ukulele
Flight DUT 34 CEQ MAH/MAH is a tenor-sized electro-acoustic ukulele with mahogany top, back and sides. Mahogany is a premium wood widely known for its warm sound and beautiful grain color, best described as chocolate with golden undertones. We gave the rosette an eye-catching original ethnic design, carefully adjusting it for tenor size, so that it perfectly runs around the larger soundhole. Chrome tuners and the ethnic rosette, custom designed for tenor, make this model a sure hit among bigger-sized ukes. Flight DU is a designer ukulele series, with each instrument featuring a unique design/decorative pattern. DU series offer all four ukuleles sizes - that is, from small to large: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The DU models are available in several variations, differing in size and wood type. The selection includes spruce, zebrawood, mahogany, amara, koa, African burl and mangowood tops. You can also choose between laminated and solid-wood tops. From the model name it is very easy to work out its size and type of wood. DU - Designer Ukulele SeriesT - Tenor size 3 - Laminated top4 - Model numberCEQ - Equipped with pickupMAH - Mahogany topMAH - Mahogany back and sides
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