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Etiger ES-K1A 433MHz Wireless Alarm System Keypad for Remotely Arm/Disarm Alarm Host Etiger ES-K1A Keyboard
Note: This item can only fit for 433MHz Etiger Alarm System, it isn & #39; t compatible with other brand products. Features: * This Etiger ES-K1A wireless keypad enables you to arm, disarm or activate the home mode of your alarm system from another location in your home. * The keypad can be disarmed by passcode or with a RFID Tag (you need to buy separately). * Just tag and disarm, with the eTIGER wireless keypad you can also disarm your alarm with RFID, even if you are not close to your alarm. Just swipe in front of the logo, and your alarm is disarmed. * Password validation enhances security. Punch in your code into the wireless keypad, and you can quickly arm or disarm your security alarm system. * This item is with Frequency 433MHz, can only work for 433MHz Etiger Alarm System. Specifications: Brand: Etiger Model: ES-K1A Frequency: 433MHz Work for: 433MHz Etiger Alarm System RFID reader: Built-in Battery: 3 * AAA 1.5V (not included) Transmit distance: 80m (in open area) Item size: 140 * 90 * 15 mm Package List: 1 * Etiger ES-K1A Wireless 433MHz Keypad
eTiger ES-CD1A Wireless Curtain PIR Motion Detector 433Mhz Window Infrared PIR Sensor for eTiger Home Burglar Security Alarm system S4 S3B V2
Note: Do not mount the unit in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Overview: It & #39; s based on proprietary infrared spectrum detection technology, when human moves within the scope, the sensor receives the signal and inputs it into microprocessor after magnification. It works well in settings like balconies, window/door sides and corridors. Features: *433Mhz eTiger ES-CD1A wireless curtain PIR motion detector for eTiger alarm system S4 S3B V2. *MCU technology to prevent all kinds of false alarms. With high catch performance. *SMT chip, anti-EMI anti-RFI design. Anti-tamper alarm function to enhance anti-damage. *The curtain passive infrared detector is exquisite design, easy installation. *Fit for the locations of the living room window, office window, entrance door, etc. Specifications: Power Supply: 2*AAA Battery (not included) Static Current: 50uA Alarm Current: 25mA Detection Distance: 8-12m Curtain Detection Angle: 15 Transmitting Distance: 80m (in open area) Radio Frequency: 433MHz Housing Material: ABS Plastic Operation Condition: Temperature: -10C ~+55C Relative Humidity: 80% (non-condensing) Package Size: Approx. 12.3 * 6.7 * 4.6 cm / 4.8 * 2.6 * 1.8 in Package Weight: Approx. 79g / 2.8 oz Package List: 1 * eTiger ES-CD1A Wireless Curtain Detector
Etiger D2A 433Mhz Wireless Anti-Pet PIR Motion Sensor Dual Passive Infrared Detector 25KG Pet Immune For S4 S3B Home Alarm System
Note: The 433MHz Etiger ES-D2A anti-pet PIR motion sensor is for 433MHz Etiger S4 S3B home alarm system. Features: *The Etiger ES-D2A can accurately detect for human body movements and effectively cuts down on interference and false alarms. Leave your home with peace of mind. *Dual PIR Sensor with anti-pet recognition technology, will not trigger an alarm when your beloved cat or dog passes in front of the sensor (animals up to 25kg). *Leveraging proprietary infrared technology, fuzzy logic and sophisticated algorithm. With automatic temperature compensation and anti-draft technology. *It can also send out low-battery alerts when used with a GSM alarm system. *Tamper switch. Easy to set up, environment-friendly and reliable. Specifications: Power supply: 2 * AA 1.5V LR6 batteries (not included) Static current: 90uA Alarm current: 9.5 mA Detection scope: 8m/110 Pet immunity: 25kgs Transmitting distance: 80m (in open area) Radio frequency: 433MHz Housing material: ABS plastic Operation Condition: Temperature: 0C~+55C Relative humidity: 80% (non-condensing) Detector Size: 118 * 52 * 35mm (L * W * H) Package Information: Package Size: Approx. 12.3 * 6.7 * 4.6 cm / 4.8 * 2.6 * 1.8 in Package Weight: Approx. 190g / 6.7 oz Package List: 1 * Etiger ES-D2A Pet-Immune PIR Motion Sensor
Etiger ES-S8A Solar Powered Wireless 433MHz Strobe Siren Sound Alarm Strobe Flashing Light Sound Siren for Home Security Protect Alarm System 100dB
Note: The product is powered by solar energy, because it needs to be installed in a place where sunlight can be received. Features: * Etiger ES-S8A works as an additional siren, connected to an existing alarm system, eTIGER SECUAL alarm host, so that you don & #39; t need to pull a cable. When the strobe siren is triggered, the device will send out a 100 decibels audible alarm and light flashing visual alarm, threat and prompt. * Standalone system, connected to an eTIGER sensor. Build a basic and efficient alarm system with litteraly zero cable. The only thing you need for that is to connect this ES-S8A to an eTIGER remote control and at least one sensor (door/window contact, motion sensor, etc., supports up to 20 accessories). * New type of 433MHz solar powered outdoor strobe siren with sound and light alarm function, no electricity cost, energy-saving, eco-friendly and safe for your family. * It can intelligently recognize the repeated shaking of characters and reduce misjudgment. Digital design and judgment, zero false alarm. The patented Fresnel lens is used to effectively overcome the false alarm caused by sunlight interference. * IP44 waterproof, the siren can be installed outdoor as it does not fear rain. The perfect siren for houses with a garden. Easy to install without debugging and wiring. Specifications: Brand: Etiger Model: ES-S8A Power supply: solar charging Backup battery: 18650 3.7V 2200 mAh (included) Type: 433MHz Transmission distance: 100m (in open area) Solar polysilicon panel: 5V*60mA Static current: 3mA Alarm current: 200mA Alarm loudness: 100dB Solar charging time: about 44H (depending on insolation) Work without interruption: 365 days Housing Material: ABS waterproof standard: IP44 Product size: 182 * 162 * 65mm Product weight: 650g Package size: 23 * 20 * 10.5 cm / 9.1 * 7.9 * 4.1 in Package weight: 1050g / 37oz Package List: 1* Etiger ES-S8AStrobe Alarm Siren 1* Set of Screws 1* User Manual
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