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Ethol LPD Liquid Concentrate Black & White Paper Developer, 1 Gallon #ETLPDL128
The lasting paper developer known for its lasting qualities. LPD is also known for being non-toxic to skin. Contains no metal. Provides long life, sharp blacks and whites, various dilution capabilities. Works well with all paper including RC. It will not change contrast as you dilute to create different skin tones. Available in powder or liquid concentrate.LPD is a simple, easy to use paper developer that offers long life, economy and tone control. Use it in the same way that you are using your present developer and notice the way your prints take on new "life". Notice the brilliant blacks, the pure sparkling whites, and the number of prints that can be run in a tray of developer. Notice its non-staining characteristics and the lack of skin irritation. And notice too, it is available in a choice of powder or liquid.LPD is a neutral tone, long scale, normal contrast paper developer that may be used in the usual dilute-discard method, or may be replenished for extended life by following the easy picture directions on the back of this sheet.LPD offers great print capacity, i.e., a tray of 1/2 gallon of working solution will process a minimum of 360 - 8 x 10 single weight prints, when properly replenished. Uniform quality and tone is maintained throughout the useful life of the developer. No longer is it necessary to throw out good developer just because of few prints had been run in it. Simply replenish per the simple directions.LPD in powder or in liquid concentrate may vary in color from white or clear to slightly pink. This does not indicate any deterioration in the product, but is due only to variables in raw materials. In the event of extreme extended use, LPD may become black, but will still produce prints of high quality.LPD does not stain and irritate the skin, as is characteristic of so many developers. Most developers contain Metol, which is a toxic developing agent. LPD contains no Metol. Instead, Phenidone has been used. This developing agent is non-toxic and has made it possible for many photographers to return to the lab without fear of skin problems.LPD contains Hydroquinone, which is a regenerating chemical that acts very rapidly on the Phenidone. When LPD is used as directed, full strength of the solution is maintained until all the working and replenishment solution has been used.LPD will amaze you with its printing versatility; it may be used with all types of printing papers. Tones may be varied from the very cold to very warm, just by selection of the paper and the dilution of the "stock" developer.
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