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Lutron LF-423: Line Frequency Monitor
Model : LF-423 * 0.5 to 500 Hz (x 0.01Hz, < 100Hz) * Input voltage : 5 to 250 ACV. * Check frequency to DC to AC converter, mobile & portable generator, power line. Applications: * Check output of frequency-regulated and unregulated DC to AC converters. * Verify accuracy and stability of synchronous motors & clocks. * Monitor frequency of mobile and portable generators under load. * Obtain the long term maximum, minimum & average frequency of fluctuating power sources. * Continuously monitor frequency in engineering and school laboratories when delicate experiments are performed or calibration of equipment is taking place.
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Safe EMF Headset and Anti Radiation Headphones, Protection Earbuds, Earphones with Air Tube Eliminating Electromagnetic Fields
The stereo acoustic air-tube EMF radiation free headset avoids the use of electrical wires in the ear area. Therefore EMF is not produced by the air-tube and in addition the air tube is not served as antenna because it is not an electrical wire or a conductive material. In addition, the quality of sound is very high because of less interference in the audio signal. The headphones come with changeable earbuds for maximum comfort in S, M, and L. They sit securely and comfortably in the ear shape, even during vigorous exercise. Speakers Sensitivity 110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz Range of frequency 20 HZ—-20KHz Resistance 16Ohm ± 15% Rated Power 3mW Capacity 5mW Lead wire length 75cm – 100cm
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Lutron FC-2500A: Digital Frequency Counter Bench Frequency Test Rang 5Hz - 2.5GHz - FC2500A High Sensitivity for The VHF & UHF - CB Amateur and Measures Any Source of RF Signals
The Frequency Counter is a complex and delicate precision instrument with the following features: *High sensitivity for the VHF & UHF frequency measurement, useful for the CB amateur. *Handheld & pocket-size instrument. *Wide measuring range up to 2.6 GHz. Good resolution, 0.1 Hz min. display unit for 10 MHz range. *Used the exclusive Microprocessor IC offered the intelligent function: Frequency, Period, Multiresolution, Data hold, Relative measurement, Data record( Max., Min., Average reading). *LCD display for low power consumption & clear read-out even in bright ambient light condition. *Auto power off & manual power off. *The instrument used the low PPM crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurements. *The optional telescoping antenna accessory can MHz range. be used to pick up transmit frequencies from handheld, fixed, or mobile radios such as HAM, TAXI, AIRCRAFT MARINE, etc. at ranges approaching 5 to 30 cm(depending on reading).
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Electro-Smog Indicator ESI 23 Detector for Low & High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 50 MHz to 6 GHz
Elementary analyzer for laymen use, to provide a quick overview of the load situation. Concrete measured values wont be displayed, the measurements are indicated with LEDs in ample colors corresponding to the standard of building biology. ESI 23: The cheapest device of the series for HF+LF. The 3 types of fields (electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields) are indicated with each 5 LEDs.
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RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer 4G Combo PLUS - Slim (0.05 – 960MHz) (2.4– 4GHz)
RF Explorer 4G COMBO+ is a powerful Spectrum Analyzer, covering the full range starting at 50KHz up to 4GHz with no gaps or limitations. A future firmware license feature will allow it to expand the range up to 5.1GHz. When compared to the standard 3G Combo model, the new SLIM design offers an outstanding robust enclosure with a strong metallic body and shiny varnished paint, additional frequency coverage, and power sensitivity, a more convenient USB connector on the side and larger internal battery capacity. What is an RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer? An RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer is a special device designed to detect very sensitive signal radiation and identify signal interference, tune antenna setups, detect signal leakage and find hidden bugs, among many other applications. The combination of small size, great sensitivity, and robust design makes it the ideal instrument to carry on for indoor and outdoor measurements. When connected to a computer, it can be controlled by free software available for download with stunning high-resolution graphics, data storage, and reply features. Specifications: Frequency band: - Left connector: 0.05 – 960MHz - Right connector: 240 – 4000MHz Frequency span in a single sweep: 2 – 960MHz - Internal selectable LNA 25dB gain - Internal selectable Attenuators 30dB and 60dB Wifi Analyzer for the 2.4GHz band Graphics LCD 128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors Backlight for great visibility indoor Internal Lithium-Ion 1800mA/h rechargeable battery Standard SMA 50 ohms connectors Wideband 144/433MHz dual band telescopic antenna included UHF 400-900MHz rubber duck articulated antenna included 2.4GHz whip antenna included Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm Dynamic range: -125dBm to 10dBm Absolute Max input power: +30dBm Average noise level (typical LNA): -125dBm Frequency stability and accuracy (typical): +-1.0ppm Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-3dBm Frequency resolution: 1Khz Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 2.6Khz to 600Khz Support included for Windows, Linux and MacOS X Applications RF Spectrum Analysis for FM, TV and DTV, ISM, RFID, GSM, 4G/5G, IoT, GPS, Bluetooth WiFi analysis and fine-tuning Interference hunting EMC pre-testing RF device tuning (with Signal Generator working as Tracking SNA): Check this link for more details Part List: 1 x Spectrum Analyzer 1 x Mini USB cable 1 x Dual band 144/430MHz Telescopic antenna 1 x UHF 400-900Mhz antenna 1 x 2.4GHz whip antenna 1 x EVA case
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