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Embedded Works 915Mhz/2 dB gain Rubber Duck LoRa Antenna
915Mhz; outdoor; RP-SMA gain: 2 dB; impedance: 50 Ohms frequency/bandwidth: multi ; center-frequency: 915 connector: RP-SMA ; dimensions: 870-960Mhz at 2dB Rubber Duck antenna. Uses include LoRa and LoRaWAN applications operating at ISM 915Mhz freq.. RP-SMA male connector. 88mm height x 10mm, straight, non-articulating.
Embedded Works
Embedded Works EW6400AN/802.11a/b/g/n 3x3 MIMO/PCI-Express Full-Size MiniCard (Atheros AR9380 (XB112 Reference Design))
-Features: 802.11abgn, Dual Band 3x3 MIMO Atheros AR9390-AL1B Chipset Extreme Operating Temperature: of -40C to 85C FCC & CE Certified Long lifecycle and material support
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915mhz / 8 dbi gain rubber duck lora antenna
800-950Mhz at 8dB Rubber Duck antenna. Uses include LoRa and LoRaWAN applications operating at ISM 915Mhz freq. . RP-SMA male connector. 580mm height x 13.7mm , right-angle articulating .UPC NO:795954971918 SKU:ADIB01FV1DBSA
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SMA Female Bulkhead with 200mm (8 inches) .81mm Coax Cable + IPEX3/ W.FL Connector
Ideal for wireless application development This RF Cable Assembly is commonly used for Cellular (GSM/CDMA) radio modules which require the Hirose IPEX3/ W. FL connector. This assembly uses the. 81mm RF coax cable, which has approx. 1dB per foot loss at 2.4G hz. The SMA-female bulkhead connector does not have a center pin, and has a backing nut for bulkhead installations. The IPEX3/ W. FL connector is approx 1.5 mm diameter, and offers a mated-height of 1.4 mm, making it one of the most compact connectors for RF applications. Additional lengths are available in 100mm increments.
Embedded Works
2.4/5GHz / 3 dBi @ 2.4GHz, 5dBi @ 5Ghz (RP-SMA) Rubber Duck WiFi Dualband Antenna
Brand: Embedded Works Color: Black Features: 2.4 /5GHz; Rubber Duck; RP-SMA gain: 3 dBi @ 2.4GH z 5dBi @ 5Ghz; impedance: 50 Ohms frequency/bandwidth: multi; center-frequency: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz 5.1 - 5.85 GHz connector: RP-SMA; dimensions: 7 inch Binding: Electronics Publisher: Embedded Works Details: This Dual-band Omni supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz technologies such as 802.11 a/b/g/n (Wifi). RP-SMA connector fits most Wifi equipment has 90 degree articulation for greatest flexibility. Gain is 3dBi at 2.4G hz and 5dBi at 5Ghz. Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 1.0 x 0.6 inches
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Novatel Wireless SA2100 AT&T 4G LTE MiFi Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot and LAN Port | Device for Seniors, Kids, Teens, Employees, Travel
The MiFi & reg; Powered & trade; SA 2100 Smart. Simple. Secure. The only versatile and cost-effective IoT solution that incorporates the industry-leading MiFi & reg; technology for a variety of fixed and mobile applications. Versatile The compact SA 2100 is designed with multiple mounting options and connectivity interfaces for IoT applications including Fixed Telemetry, Fleet Management and Asset Tracking, and Connected Car, right out of the box. Internal antennas minimize installation time and cost, while auto-switching between internal and external antennas provides options to ensure the best RF performance in any situation. Fast and future-proof With connectivity to 4G LTE and 3G networks, the SA 2100 provides the highest wireless data rates and the longest device service life. Now managers can upgrade firmware remotely, manage devices centrally and reduce the number of costly site visits, all while being assured that their solution will support carrier network updates for years to come. Reliable The rugged SA 2100 is designed to get connected easily and stay connected. The MiFi & reg; Powered & trade; platform offers unique features to ensure business continuity. Battery backup delivers instant failover during power outages. Advanced security of encryption and authentication protocols offers peace of mind. The extended operating temperature range makes the SA 2100 the reliable choice. Easy deployment and easy integration Securely connect, collect, and transmit valuable field data quickly and easily, just install and deploy & mdash; no complicated configurations or programming necessary. Designed with multiple interfaces, internal antennas, intuitive web UI, pre-configured default settings, and self-registration to the central management already enabled, the SA 2100 is built with "Power it up, ready to connect" in mind.
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915mhz / 5 db gain rubber duck lora antenna
860-960Mhz at 5dB Rubber Duck antenna. Uses include LoRa and LoRaWAN applications operating at ISM 915Mhz freq.. RP-SMA male connector. 390mm height x 13.7 mm, right-angle articulating.
Embedded Works
700-2700 MHz/1-4dBi gain omni LTE/cell/Wifi Antenna
700 - 2700 MHz; rubber duck; SMA Malegain: 1-4dBi; impedance: 50 Ohmsfrequency/bandwidth: multi; center-frequency: 700-960/1575-2700MHzconnector: SMA Male; dimensions: L120 x W35 x H12 mmFlat type compact/High Gain LTE 700-960/ 1575-2700MHz Dipole Antenna, 1-4 dBi with SMA Male/plug . This antenna is ideal for indoor use with LTE routers, and also with 3G frequency bands as well. The frequency bands cover USA LTE bands from the US carriers, as well as all of the global bands for 3G technology from all carriers and have great gain-flatness across all the usable bands. The antenna can also be used for the 2.4Ghz Wifi band as well, offering good performance up to 4dBi in that band as well.
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