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dreamlink w3 usb wifi dongle 1200mbps high gain wi-fi antenna for dreamlink t2 & formuler z7+
Dreamlink W3 1200Mbps high Gain External Wi-Fi antenna, dual band 2.4ghz / 5ghz usb wifi adapter for Dreamlink T2, Formuler Z7 Plus, with high sensibility chip set. Wifi Dongle. Wifi Direct. Dreamlink W3 1200Mbps is the best wifi antenna in the market. The impressive sensitivity is seen right away when it is tested and successfully proven to work where other WiFi antennas have failed. Dreamlink W3 1200Mbps AC is optimized for the 5GHz frequency which is faster because it's a wider band with less users and therefore significantly less interference, so you enjoy better quality. Dreamlink W3 High Gain and High sensibility Wi-Fi means you can stream movies without any lag and never miss the shot in your favorite online game.
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