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donegan co3 clipon binocular magnifier, 1.75x magnification, 14" focal length
The Donegan clip-on, binocular, hands-free magnifier with frame has a dual acrylic lens system with optical-grade lenses ground and polished into prismatic lenses, and is available in multiple colors, and multiple dioptric strengths (indicated by the number in the model) which provide specific magnification power (X) at a specified distance from object. This magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image, and is commonly used for a variety of applications such as jewelry-making, watch-making, needlework, artwork, electronic inspection, fly-tying, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting. The clip-on, binocular, lightweight (0.417 lbs) magnifier features binocular lenses that come with a frame and clip that attaches to the frame or eyeglasses. The magnifier can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses, and has the ability to flip up when not in use. Spring-loaded pivot screws hold the headband in a raised or a forward-facing position. The magnifier is available in assorted colors such as black, and blue. It comes housed in a protective shell and carrying case. It has a one-year limited warranty. Diopter (D) is a technical term for the measurement of the light curvature and thickness of a lens. A dioptric number and a magnification number are not the same thing. Diopter strength represents a specific magnification power (X). For example, a 5-diopter provides 2.5X magnification (at a distance of 8). The higher the diopter, the more magnification a lens can provide. As magnification increases, distance to the object (focal length), and field of view (diameter, or narrowness of view) decrease. Magnifiers and prescription eyeglasses have a diopter value, such as 1.5 or 2. The dioptric strength of an accessory lens, such as prescription eyeglasses or an eye loupe, must be added to the dioptric strength of the magnifier to calculate total magnification. Magnifiers are devices used to enlarge the visual appearance of an object or image. Magnifiers come in a variety of styles such as hand-held, headband, standing, clip-on, eye loupe, and those that hang in a necklace form, or fit in a trouser pocket. Magnifiers are commonly made of plastic or glass. They can have one or more lenses with varying magnification abilities, and can have a binocular configuration with a single lens, or two separate lenses. They are sometimes used with LED or fluorescent light sources to help control viewing capabilities. Magnifier ability is often expressed as magnification at a specific length. For example, 1.75X at 14 means that when a magnifier is held at 14 from a viewers eyes, the object will be magnified 1.75 times (X) its actual size. As magnification increases, viewing areas and focal length decrease. Magnifiers sometimes have a diopter number, expressed as + or - D, which is a measurement of strength (or power) of the lens. Some magnifiers are marked with a dioptric number on the lens. A high diopter number has a higher magnification than a low diopter number. Aspheric magnifiers, unlike spheric magnifiers, produce a sharp image to the edge of the lens for less distortion. Magnifiers are widely used in jewelry inspection and fabrication, watch-making, Determining Magnification Diopter Magnification Focal length (Distance from object) Sample view 20/20 vision 20" (50.8cm) 2-diopter lens 1.50X 20" (50.8cm) 3-diopter lens 1.75X 14" (35.56cm) 4-diopter lens 2.00X 10" (25.4cm) 5-diopter lens 2.50X 8" (20.32cm) 7-diopter lens 2.75X 6" (15.24cm) 10-diopter lens 3.50X 4" (10.16cm) needlework, artwork, fly-tying, electrical inspection, reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting. Donegan Optical manufactures and distributes precision visual devices for hobbyists and professionals in industry, home, office and crafts applications. The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. WhatUPC NO:098678229175 SKU:ADIB000EMDFNS
Donegan Optical
Donegan V309-15 coddington Multi-Purpose Magnifier with Double Lens, 10X Magnification, 15mm Lens Diameter
This coddington multi-purpose magnifier features double lenses (10x, 15mm) mounted in a chrome plated case.
Donegan Optical
Optivisor Replacement Lens, #4, 2x, 10 Inch Range | ELP-524.00
Great for Optivisors when a lens breaks or to have an assortment of magnification Made of high quality optical glass Made in the USA #4 lens, 2X magnification 10 inch focal range Great for Optivisors when a lens breaks or to have an assortment of magnification. #4 lens, 2X magnification. 10 inch focal range. Optivisor NOT included.
Donegan Optical
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