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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game
Suggested Age: 8 Years and UpType of Game: Action GamesIncludes: Cards, InstructionsNumber of Players: 3-8 PlayersPackage type: Full Game & bull;Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a wild game of quick action. & bull;It's very simple, huge amounts of fun, and anyone can play it. & bull;This is a great game for groups, families, parties, and friends looking for a fun game to liven up the night. & bull;Best for 3-8 playersThis is the social card game that is going to change your game night forever. This addictive game is as unique as its name- it's an action packed, quick to learn party game for all ages. Race against each other to slap a match between a card and spoken word. But - watch out - your mind will play tricks on you. This game was engineered for maximum fun!
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