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Colorfly U8 64GB 32Bit DSD Bluetooth WiFi Portable Lossless DAP Audiophile Music Player
Colorfly a DAC/32Bit 384kHz/DSD 512/Flexible Touch Screen/Jitter Kill II Technology/Dual Screen/165° Large Chamfering/14mm Thin Body/Precise Restore/ Advance Memory Playback Technology AMPT/Bluetooth™ Beautiful high frequency, solid medium & low frequency, and richer sound detail expression tension. Hear more than imagined The DAC chip manufacturer ESS highly customizes the top digital-to-analog converter Colorfly a (alpha), making it easy to decode the vast majority of lossless audio formats on the market. Supports up to 32Bit 384 kHz sampling rate and DSD512 22.5792MH z playback, HD restores the perceptual and rhythm of each note. Love at first sight U8 brings you not only aural enjoyment, but also a visual feast. With the addition of flexible touch screen technology, fingertips slide to control the pulsation of music. The piano element is integrated into the waist design of ergonomics, which is more suitable for palm grip and starts to feel unparalleled comfort texture from the palm. Technology ingenuity U8 uses the 0.87 inch 128*32 high-brightness monochrome OLED auxiliary screen display design, which is the first time in the professional HiFi audio industry. It can accurately display the power, Bluetooth, WiFi, volume, gain, and custom characters of the unit, needn’t to light up the large screen to get the basic information of the player, which bring more convenient and quick operation experience. Fine and refinement CNC diamond cutting process, to create a full metal 165 ° round big chamfering, 200 mesh sand blasting and surface metal anodizing, ensure its durability and overall sophistication, to be a faithful note to convey artwork. Only 14mm thin body without any sense of tiredness, whether you are handheld or put in pocket, a good sound, come in handy. Advance Memory Playback Technology AMPT Unlike the past, Colorfly's new generation HiFi processing solution optimizes the original audio structure from the underlying code, and the audio data stream is directly obtained from the memory, bypasses the CPU data conversion, reduces the latency of the data stream, and shortens the audio data flow through. The method realizes the classification of audio signals and operating system hardware to ensure the sound is clean and transparent, minimizes the impact of the operating system on audio restoration, and makes information restoration more accurate. Jitter Kill II generation technology The ultra-low phase noise crystal specifically designed for HiFi audio products, Typical-168dBc/Hz, has a 77 femtosecond reference clock, greatly reducing Jitter. U8 uses dual 45.1584MH z, 49.152MH z high-frequency crystal oscillator, twice the precision of ordinary crystal, DE-JITTER depth custom chip, to achieve the audio restoration process "zero jitter. " Innovative flexible touch control technology The side edge adopts the flexible touch technology and slides in the blue area of the edge to adjust the volume and bring a more accurate operation experience. Pocket HiFi U8 supports Bluetooth transmission function, can easily pair with Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets, transmit high-quality audio signals, get rid of the shackles of cable and enjoy high quality audio playback. Good music, anytime and anywhere! Create a new UI design Pocket HiFi U8 uses 3.97 "WVGA 800*480 high-definition touch screen, carrying Colorfly specially designed for HiFi portable player audio operating system Ultron, rebuilt the UI interface to bring more intuitive interface details display, to achieve humanized human-computer interaction. Specification Model: Pocket HiFi U8 Display: 3.97 "WVGA 800*480 0.87" OLED auxiliary screen Sampling rate: PCM 8KHz-384KHz DSD64-DSD512 Output level: unbalanced 2.1V rms balanced 2.1V rms DAC chip: COLORFLY a (alpha) DNR@600RZ: 123dBA THD+N@600RZ: -110dB ( 0.0005 %) Maximum output power: 130mW PEQ: supports 31 segments of +7 segment (professional mode) WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n ( 2.4GH z) Bluetooth: V 4.0 (A2DP, AVRCP) Size: 110mm * 66mm * 14mm Headphone interface: 3.5 mm (single end ) 2.5 mm (balance) Native memory: 64G TF Card: 256G Max Battery capacity: 3300mAh Shipping Will ship FREE via UPS/FEDEX
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