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Clingo Necklit for iPad Nano
Conventiently and securely hold ipod nano around neckOptimized shape provides convenient gripping point when using videoAllows quick access to deviceAdhesive-free pad leaves no residueNever miss a moment. Clingo's Neklit for iPod Nano is designed to conveniently and securely hold your iPod Nano around your neck and provide you easy access to your music and ability to make videos on the go. Its optimized shape protects your iPod and gives you two comfortable grip points to use when making your next You Tube video hit or accessing your next song on your new playlist. Anywhere you and your Nano go - Clingo holds it. Slim design. Big function. The Necklit also offers you a comfortable, adjustable lanyard with two quick ways to remove your Nano, quickly press and peel application or slide it away from the strap. And as always, the Clingo sticky pad holds your Nano tightly, yet lets it go when you’re ready to have it back.
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