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4b3s-75 - circa telecom 75v 5-pin solid state surge protector module w/ ptc, pack of 2
Equipment Protection for 48V Digital Voice Lines with PTC (positive temperature coefficient) The low voltage series 5-pin solid-state protector modules are designed to provide superior transient and power fault protection for most data line applications, including RS-232. The 3B3S-30 is an ideal replacement for applications using 30 volt, 600 and 1500-watt avalanche and zener diodes. The 30-volt solid-state module's 75 Amp 10x1000us surge rating is over twice that of the typical 1500-watt, 30-volt avalanche or zener diode protector. The 4B3S-75 series of 5 pin protector modules are designed for superior transient and power fault protection of most secondary 'off-hook' applications. The 4B3S-75 series also features PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology. These optional self-resetting current limiters provide effective protection from 'sneak current' faults. The PTC is vastly superior to the competition''s heat coil solution, which requires that the module be replaced after each 'sneak current' event. Module can be replaced after each 'sneak current' event. Nanosecond response time External failsafe mechanismthat permanently grounds the module under sustained high current conditions Balanced operation Integrated Test Points UL & cUL listed, R.U.S. approved Designed to meet or exceed Telcordia standards Pack of 2
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