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Sound Isolation Pads Cork Pads for Speakers to Improve Sound and Reduce Vibration 1 Pack of 4
Size: 1" 4-PACKENHANCED PLAYBACK. Music has defined our everyday lives for centuries. Whether it be your favorite record player or stereo, all audio should be played the way it was meant to sound. Transform your stereo speakers with isolation pads to reduce vibrations and sonics into focus. Youll instantly notice a natural rhythm without the unwanted resonances, distortion or smear of the sound. INSTALL-ENJOY-REPEAT. Our isolation pads are adhesive-free, making them easy to install anywhere! Use them to elevate your speaker, stereo, or record player! When they are no longer needed, simply place them underneath your new favorite HIFI system! Placing your speakers onto direct furniture or the floor causes vibrations to transfer into the surface. This complicates things when the sound begins to muffle and smear, keeping you from enjoying your favorite song or movie!. knows sound isnt just about your favorite artist or speaker, its about the quality of sound that lasts! Weve created simple products for simple lifestyles, allowing music lovers to enjoy what they love most-MUSIC! Youll find our products are durable and quality-made, allowing us to take pride in our products and what we deliver.
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New Screen for Acer Aspire 5 A51543R19L 156 NonTouch IPS FHD 1080P WUXGA Slim LED Screen Replacement LCD Screen Display
***** **********Best Quality Guranteed. *****Fast Shipping to Every Customer from! *****Compatible Model: New Screen for Acer Aspire 5 A515-43-R19L 15.6 Non-Touch IPS FHD 1080P WUXGA Slim LED Screen Replacement LCD Screen Display*****Important Note: Some laptop models come with more than one type of screens, please contact us before purchase if you are not sure which item fits your system. *****Package includes Brand NEW LCD screen only, no extra control board, bezel, back cover, instruction or tool etc. Please keep your original parts. Please confirm with us if you are not sure which parts fit your machine.
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0101128200 Antenna Extension Cable with Suction Cups for GTM
Pick up a clearer signal on your traffic receiver with this antenna extension cable. Suction cups secure the cable to your windshield.
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Versatile Twist Mount for Nest Cam Indoor, Flexible Gooseneck-Like Mount for Nest Indoor Camera - Attach Your Nest Cam Indoor Wherever You Like Without Tools or Wall Damage (White)
***** **********Best Quality Guranteed. *****VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTION FOR NEST CAM INDOOR Hang or wrap your Nest Cam indoor wherever you like with our new flexible twist mount. The product consists of a flexible rubber stick and a silicone cover for Nest Cam Indoor. The flexible rubber stick can easily be attached to railings, branches, doorknobs, fences (anywhere you like). You can now mount your Nest Cam at places that were previously inaccessible or required you to drill holes. *****NO TOOLS OR WALL DAMAGE Thanks to our innovative, flexible design you can now mount your Nest Cam Indoor wherever you like. Our versatile silicone arm can be seamlessly attached anywhere your heart desires and all of this without laboriously drilling holes or troublesome screws. *****PROTECT YOUR CAM The mount is made of rugged silicone that will protect your Nest Cam Indoor from the elements. ***** SAVINGS FOR NEST CAM ACCESSORIES - Realize huge savings when you buy our Nest Cam Silicone Skins togeth
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100 watt (20 A) USB charging station, Home desktop USB fast charger, Multiple USB desktop chargers, Suitable for hotels, shops, Schools, Shopping malls and travel (UL certification)
**********[QC 3.0 FAST CHARGING]--24 Ports USB Charging Station provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 20 amps overallenabling simultaneous multi-device charging, Compatible iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6s/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini, Galaxy S9/S8/S7/Edge/Plus, Note 8/7, LG, Nexus, HTC and More. *****[THE ADVANTAGE & 3-YEARS WARRANTY]-- brand that Joined the 10 million+ powered by America's leading USB Charging Brand. List: a premium 24-Ports USB charging machine, one Power cable, our worry-free 3-YEARS warranty and friendly customer service. *****[SMART CHARGING IDENTIFICATION]--Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger can charge 24 devices simultaneously. Overcharge protection Charges safely, Extension of phone usage time to more 2 years. *****[WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS]--Charge more than your smartphone or tablet with this multi-port adapter. Charge your e-reader, ipad, tablet, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers and any other devices with a USB cord. *****[100% SAF
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iBox Dual Biometric Storage Device
The new iBOX Dual Biometric Secure Storage Device by is an innovative portable secure storage device that allows the user to quickly store and retrieve important valuables. The iBox Dual Access Biometric Secure Storage Device features two biometric fingerprint scanning locks, which ensures that only the users who have registered their fingerprints into the iBox may access its contents. iBox Features: Dual Access Fingerprint Scanner Stores Up To 120 Fingerprints Interior Protective Carpet Motion Activated Fingerprint Scanner Low Battery Warning Tough ABS Construction Exterior Dimensions: 11.25" x 10" x 5.25" Interior Dimensions: 10.25" x 8" x 5" Runs on 4 AA Batteries (Included).
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Genuine P-touch, TZe-231 4 Pack Tape (TZE2314PKB) .5”(0.47”) x 26.2 ft. (8m) 4-Pack Laminated P-Touch Tape, Black on White, Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Water Resistant, TZE2314PK, TZE231
Genuine TZe2314PKB ~-inch P-touch black-on-white 4-pack laminated label tape delivers genuine value and cost savings over buying individual tapes while letting you create effective, durable, easy-to-read labels. Each tape measures ~ (0. 47) x 8m (26. 2 ft. ) with black printing on white tape. Designed with a strong, laminated adhesive backing, its ideal for use on smooth surfaces such as file folders, plastic bins, cartons, jars and more. This tape is durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use maintaining its crisp, clean black-on-white color even when exposed to hot and cold temperatures including microwaves, dishwashers and freezers without peeling, fading or smudging. Genuine TZe231 P-touch tape can be used for Home, business, or industrial applications. It is perfect for labeling kitchen items, shelving, files, storage boxes, supply cabinets and more. Users will appreciate the easy-to-peel and apply labels that are bold and easy to read. The split back of the tape can be easily removed, making these TZe replacement labels simple to peel and apply. P-touch replacement label tape is available in many colors and widths. Flexible cable/wire tape, tamper evident tape, extra-strength adhesive tape and fabric iron-on tape are also available. TZe tapes are Genuine replacement products which help reduce possible damage to the P-touch label maker. TZe231 is compatible with P-touch label makers: GL100, PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1100, PT1180, PT1190, PT1200, PT1230PC, PT1280, PT128AF, PT1290, PT1400, PT1500PC, PT1700, PT1750, PT1800, PT1830, PT1880, PT1890C, PT1890SC, PT1890W, PT18R, PT1900, PT1950, PT2030, PT2100, PT2200, PT2300, PT2400, PT2430PC, PT2600, PT2730, PT2730VP, PT3600, PT6100, PT9500PC, PT9600, PTD200, PTD210, PTD215E, PTD400, PTD400AD, PTD400VP, PTD450, PTD600, PTD600VP, PTD800W, PTD105, PTH100, PTH110, PTH300, PTH300LI, PTH500LI, PTP300BT, PTP300BTBU, PTP700, PTP750W, ST1150, ST5.
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Isobar 4 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 2 USB Charging Ports 8ft Long Cord RightAngle Plug Metal 3330 Joules Lifetime Limited Warranty amp $50K Insurance IBAR4ULTRAUSBBBlack
Size: 4 Outlet & nbsp; | & nbsp; Style: 8 ft Cord, USB & nbsp; | & nbsp; Pattern Name: OutletHeavy-Duty 4-Outlet Surge Protector Safeguards Your Sensitive ElectronicsIdeal for your home, office, retail or industrial workstation, this Isobar four-outlet surge protector features a surge protection rating of 3330 joules to defend your sensitive electronic components against even the strongest power surges and spikes. Because residential power outlets have three wireshot line (H), neutral (N) and ground (G) the IBAR4ULTRAUSBB protects all three, covering the two protection modes: full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G/H-G). Automatic shutoff permanently cuts power to outlets if protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is requiredNEMA 5-15R Outlets Accept a Wide Range of Electronic Devices Plug your network hardware, retail displays, appliances, power tools and other electronics into four NEMA 5-15R AC outlets to protect them against dangerous surges, spikes and line noise. All four are widely spaced to accommodate bulky power transformers without blocking adjacent outlets. Included safety covers prevent dust and debris from falling into unused outlets. Isolated Filter Banks Provide Extra Protection against Line Noise Various electromagnetic and radio sources found in virtually every home and business can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. All four outlets are arranged in exclusive isolated filter banks that limit noise interaction among connected equipment. Large toroidal chokes, ferrite rod-core inductors, HF/VHF capacitors and metal oxide varistors combine to block disruptive EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) line noise up to 80 decibels that can damage equipment or destroy data. 2 USB Ports Share 3.1 Amps of Charging Power This surge protector with USB includes two ports for charging your smartphone, tablet and other USB mobile devices, which are also protected from the damaging effects of surges, spikes and line interference. Includes the Latest Safety Features Automatic shutoff permanently cuts power to outlets if protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is requiredThe lighted on/off switch provides one-touch control over connected equipment. Automatic shutoff permanently cuts power to outlets if protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is required. Diagnostic LEDs confirm power, protection and line fault status at a glance. The rugged metal housing is designed to endure in demanding environments, such as factories and warehouses, and withstand strong surges without burning, melting or cracking. Versatile Surge Protector Provides Multiple Installation Options The surge protector with 8-foot cord also includes a space-saving right-angle NEMA 5-15P plug helps you connect to a wall outlet located behind furniture placed flush against the wall. Keyhole mounting slots allow installation on walls, counters and other flat surfaces.
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USB Power Strip Surge Protector - 12 AC Multiple Outlets & 2 USB Ports - 6 ft Long Flat Plug Extension Cord for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop & Charging Brick - White (3,996 Joules)
Size: 6' | Style: 12-Outlet USBThe 12 outlet surge protector is perfect for home and office use. With 6 regular outlets and 6 Blockspace outlets, this protector can handle even oversized printer and charger plugs. The convenient USB ports allow you to charge smartphones, tablets and more while working, surfing or checking email. This surge protector also features 3996 joules of protection to keep equipment safe and advanced power filtration to help maintain data integrity and optimal system performance. SURGE PROTECTION SAFETY If a surge protector ever becomes hot to the touch, shut off the unit immediately. Never daisy-chain power strips to other power strips or extension cords Never allow a power strip to be exposed to a moist environment Avoid running too many high-energy consuming appliances through a single surge protector at once High-energy consuming electronics/appliances include window AC units, space heaters, refrigerators, washers/dryers etc. Only one power strip should be plugged into a single two-outlet electrical socket Never cover a surge protector with carpet, furniture, or anything that would limit or prevent air circulation IMPORTANT: The protective components inside surge protectors that absorb over-voltage spikes will eventually wear out. Most estimates put the average lifespan of a surge protector from 3 to 5 years.
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SDDR-B531-GN6NN MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD Card Reader - SDDR-B531-GN6NN Black
Capacity: Card Reader | Style: Card Reader OnlyThe MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD card reader is the easy way to quickly transfer content from your camera or drones memory card. This compact and durable reader requires no downloads or software and is compatible with USB 3.0 and backwards-compatible with USB 2.0. And, with transfer speeds of up to 170MB/s*, you can move what needs moving and then get going again. | * Up to 170MB/s read speeds, engineered with proprietary technology to reach speeds beyond UHS-I 104MB/s, require compatible devices capable of reaching such speeds. | (1) See website for additional information and limitations. | (2) Transfer to drive up to 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0 drives (4MB/s); USB 3.0 port required. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device.
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