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CAPPEC Universal Meat Grill Thermometer Probe Clip Holder - Works for Ambient Temperature Readings (Set of 4)
Original Cappec Universal ambient temperature clipMatch most wirelss bluetooth meat grill thermometer Stainless Steel material flexible to fit in the grates and dish washer safe Ambient Temperature Clip for Smokers Grills and Ovens. Keeps probes level and steady for accurate reading Made of Stainless Steel easy clean Essential accessory for most Smoker BBQ Oven Grill Instant Read Wireless Wifi or bluetooth thermometer Product Description An Essential Accessary for Your Grill Oven and Smoker Cappec Universal 3 holes clip is the one you must have! Monitoring Ambient Temperature is so important to make your cooking success. This small accessory keeps the probe stand still all the time to get the accurate temperature. Capeec keep on bring good product into the market and design this universal clip. An Essential Accessary for Your Grill Oven and Smoker Can be used for following size probes. 0.11"(2.8mm) 0.16"(4mm) 0.18"(4.5mm) It matches most brand's probe Can hold K-Type thermocouple Match Cappec KTH01 KTH05 KTH06 BTH01/01J/02/03 probe Match et732/733/735/737 and most thermometers probe Match igrill and therma pro wilress thermometer Cautions: 1. Do not use this metal clip in microoven. 2. Keep it away from children it's not a toy 3. Do not touch the hot surface bare hands. Wear a heat resistant glove to during or after cooking.
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