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ptcblade pitot tube cover/blade style
This pitot tube cover fits snugly over blade-type pitot systems typically found on Piper Cherokee, Warrior, and Arrow aircraft. They are vented to prevent pressurization of the pitot-static system. Critical to safe operations, the cover keeps dirt, contamination, and insects from entering the pitot tube. A "remove before flight" streamer hangs off the cover as a prominent preflight reminder to pilots. The cover uses a heavy-duty plastic material; the 2" x 17" banner is bright red with white screen-printing for maximum visibility.UPC NO:013424042310 SKU:ADIB00J21J194
Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
asa ultimate fixed plotter
Durable Lexan resin won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures - guaranteed! Features 8 scales to meet the needs of all VFR aeronautical charts; nautical on one side, statute on the flip. UPC NO: 033583002543 SKU: ADIB003VSE8QK
Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
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